As the measles outbreak has reached over 100 after near eradication years ago, Bill Gardner has an interesting take on how to respond to anti-vaxxers. I agree with his main premise that yelling at them is not going to change anything, though I would argue with his 2nd premise that not vaccinating your children to protect others is should not be a main argument against these parents. Vaccinating your children protects them just as much as everyone else. It is not as much a selfish thing and not caring about the community, it’s likely a misunderstanding of how best to protect your own child. This is obviously a hot topic, but I think Bill’s take is worth reading.

Also, a father in California is asking the schools to bar all unvaccinated kids from school for the time being. Reasonable? I would argue yes.

So what’s the solution? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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from Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune