Health Care the Way it Should Be

I work at the Neurobehavior HOME Program at the University of Utah. It is a unique clinic that cares for individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition to the primary care team, we also have comprehensive mental and behavioral health supports, including psychiatry, therapy, and behaviorists. We also have case managers to help with the integration of the team and address additional patient concerns.

Here is a sample video of how we do things. There are 2 problems with this video, however:

1) it cut out the information of how we made the goals of treatment with the patient, and make it sound as if we came up with everything without her

2) it does not include all of the other team members that assisted in her care, such as another case manager, her psychiatrist, her therapist, etc. For simplicity’s sake it was not included but those who helped her and our other patients should not be neglected!

In my opinion, this is health care as it should be.

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