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Everyone experiences anxiety, depression, and other difficult emotions. So how do we know if it’s more than that? Who can help guide us to determine if our experience is an actual mental illness? And why is it harder to feel God’s love when I struggle emotionally? Kyle Bradford Jones, MD answers these and other questions in this critical primer for teenagers and their parents who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Dr. Jones explores multiple mental illnesses, including their origins, treatments, and how they relate to our relationship with Jesus Christ, in an understandable and often entertaining way. Mental illness is not the result of a lack of faith or gratitude, nor does it mean that God hates you. The most important message from this book is that Jesus loves you no matter what, always and forever!


“Dr. Jones speaks from his personal and professional experience with wit and optimism. His interviews with teenagers and other mental health experts introduce a critical basis for gospel truths that we all need to understand. These insights will help us minister to ourselves and those around us as Jesus does. This book is a must-read for all teens, anyone who knows a teen, and anyone who admits to once being a teen.”

John Bytheway

“For youth suffering with mental illness, hope is the most important resource. In this deeply sensitive and compassionate book, Kyle Bradford Jones offers hope in abundance by sharing cutting-edge knowledge, personal experience and his firm faith that “we all possess the divinity to overcome our challenges with the Savior’s help.” Highly recommended for any parent, family member or friend of a young person struggling to understand and heal from the growing scourge of mental illness.”

Zachary Davis, Executive Director of Faith Matters and Editor of Wayfare Magazine

“Kyle teaches us that learning about mental illness makes us more Christlike — and the reasons why shine brightly in this necessary book. In an approachable, uplifting, and relatable format, Kyle Jones offers much needed mental health education for adolescents and their parents who are navigating the challenges of today’s world. In language that is easy to understand, Kyle addresses myths surrounding mental health and offers compassionate, scientific explanations for common mental health struggles like depression, anxiety, and OCD. Using stories from church history and other teens, he provides insight and encouragement for those who are struggling or love someone who is struggling with mental illness. I recommend this book to anyone who is hoping to understand mental illness through a loving, hopeful lens and wants to help shift harmful narratives about mental and emotional struggles.”
Bonnie Young, LMFT


Dr. Jones is author of the best-selling and award-winning book Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician’s Struggle with Mental Illness. Check out more information on the book here.

His new book HOSPITAL! A Medical Satire of Unhealthy Proportions is now available! Check it out here, or read an excerpt here. If you don’t think it’s the funniest book in the history of humanity, then you still won’t get your money back!

“Jones is a witty word-slinger, in the stream of consciousness jokey tradition of David Foster Wallace, Larry David, and, yes, Hunter S. Thompson.” —Hollywood Book Reviews, Starred Review


Dr. Jones is a keynote speaker, talking about how to manage stress and uncertainty in the lives of young professionals. Find out more to see what he can offer.

Speaking about how to make stress a positive in our lives


How can we decrease the stigma of mental illness in our society? How can we fix our health care system? And how does this all relate to baseball?! Check in regularly to find out.

Handsome Guy

I (Kyle Bradford Jones) am a family man, family physician, baseball-lovin’, non-fiction-readin’, movie-watchin’, health care policy advocatin’, child of the Intermountain West. I’m working hard to decrease the stigma surrounding mental illness in our society and among doctors who suffer from depression and anxiety. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve written about my own experiences with depression and anxiety, and how I treat it and work through it. Mental illness is so rampant in our society and is only getting worse. Whether or not you are a physician, whether or not you have a mental illness yourself, whether or not you know of someone suffering the ravages of mental illness, I invite you to read my book Fallible: A Memoir of a Young Physician’s Struggle with Mental Illness to get a better sense of how we can all work together to decrease the stigma of mental illness. It won the 2020 Pencraft Award for Non-Fiction (Autobiography), and is an AMAZON.COM BEST-SELLER. See why others are recommending it.