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I am a Family Physician in Salt Lake City, Utah who works at the University of Utah School of Medicine. I am interested in improving the way that health care is delivered through a fully integrated, trans-disciplinary team. I use this site to share my hopes and ideas for how this can be realized. All opinions expressed on this website are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer or others.

I am also a father of 4 kids with a beautiful wife, and am absolutely crazy about my Minnesota Twins!

Kyle Jones



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  1. Twins? Good luck with that. Toward achieving your goal of improving healthcare delivery, have a look at my company website. Not only can it improve the patient encounter, it also improves physician productivity. Your comments in response to “The List” prompted me to send this. Could not connect with you on LinkedIn but would be pleased if you did so. Thanks,

    Frank Moreno

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