As the measles outbreak has reached over 100 after near eradication years ago, Bill Gardner has an interesting take on how to respond to anti-vaxxers. I agree with his main premise that yelling at them is not going to change anything, though I would argue with his 2nd premise that not vaccinating your children to protect others is should not be a main argument against these parents. Vaccinating your children protects them just as much as everyone else. It is not as much a selfish thing and not caring about the community, it’s likely a misunderstanding of how best to protect your own child. This is obviously a hot topic, but I think Bill’s take is worth reading.

Also, a father in California is asking the schools to bar all unvaccinated kids from school for the time being. Reasonable? I would argue yes.

So what’s the solution? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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from Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

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  1. I believe parents do have the right to not vaccinate. But I also should have the right to say they should keep their kids at home and school them, hire private Dr’s that make house calls and isolate their children from others. I’m not yelling this just stating that those parents keep touting ‘Their’ rights. What about the rights of the elderly the immunosuppressed the young who cannot be vaccinated and are needlessly exposed to the ravages of these diseases? As a healthcare worker it truly saddens me to see these little ones sick with something that didn’t ever have to be seen again here. Something that can blind them make them infertile or worse kill them. I would step in front of a train for my children and so would those parents that choose to not vaccinate. Why then is this even an issue?

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