Moving right along

Things are progressing nicely for Fallible. I’m excited to report that there will be a Launch Party and book signing April 10 at 7pm at Weller Bookworks in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City! Please come if you’re available.

Positive reviews keep coming in! I received the review from the distinguished Kirkus Reviews yesterday, for which I am very grateful. Check out the full review to find out more about the book.

I also had the privilege of recently chatting with Keith Carlson on the Nurse Keith podcast. We had a great discussion on the poor training and working environments of medical professionals. If you’re a reader of this blog, I think you’ll enjoy Keith and my conversation.

More exciting news to come. Remember: if you haven’t ordered your copy of Fallible yet, you can get it at Black Rose Writing, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Cheers!

Mental Illness and Loved Ones

One of the toughest things about mental illness is how it affects one’s close relationships, with both families and friends. Nothing about is easy, either for the person with the mental illness, or the loved one that is trying to help and connect. It is exhausting and seems fruitless at times. But stick with it. There is always hope.

Listen to my wife Becki and I talk about how it has impacted us on the About Progress podcast in 2017. I hope it is at least somewhat helpful.